Innovative, pragmatic solutions for Governance Risk Compliance GRC & Cyber Security issues

Intelliant provides innovative consulting services in various subject areas connected to the security of your business data and information worth protecting. Featuring a holistic and pragmatic approach to solve issues of the different domains, Intelliant delivers cyber security and data protection to diverse disruptive business models.

In collaboration with the versatile expert network, a professional focus of Intelliant lies on translating legal and regulatory requirements in the financial services industry into tangible organizational and technical measures, paired with individual advisory and processual implementation.

With our understanding for a start-up’s culture as well as for highly regulated businesses, our mission is to bring these worlds together and enable the digitalization of the [financial] industry in a pragmatic and compliant way.

We recognize the norms and standards of the BSI IT-Grundschutz. // Wir erkennen die Normen und Standards des BSI IT-Grundschutz an.