Digital Security Compliance for IT with data protection privacy GDPR & financial supervisory


    Security Compliance

    The increasing digitalization of society, a growing awareness of the need to protect personal identities, and increasing statutory regulation require the structured recording and constant balancing of opportunities, risks, and supervisory constraints.

    Due to primarily digital processing of data, multi-layered IT management moved into focus of risk management, as the corresponding IT processes represent significant risks and are thus key drivers and decisive factors for the legal compliance of organizations.

    Intelliant supports companies in establishing appropriate measures, processes, and documentation to meet the current legal requirements and to establish a continuously improving management system on these security-related compliance topics. Relevant EU and German legal requirements include among other regulations concerning data protection, IT security, as well as industry-specific requirements, e.g. in the financial services sector.


    Advance the organizational development to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of your business model in a holistic and pragmatic approach.

    Data Protection

    In addition to the increased legal requirements for data protection, its role in and value for society is also constantly growing.

    Organizations should therefore be aware not only of their responsibility for the data of their customers, employees and other data subjects, but also of the rising value of appropriate strategic positioning, as well as of taking appropriate measures.

    With the “Data Protection”-Module, Intelliant provides organizations with a pragmatic approach with a flexible scope and structure to improve the status of legal compliance in a timely manner, depending on the company’s processing activities and the status of previous measures. In addition to the popular option of providing the role and mandate of the Data Protection Officer (DPO), Intelliant supports as needed in setting up, integrating, operating and monitoring the legally required Data Protection Management System (DPMS).


    Digitization and globalization are increasing the importance of and demands on information technology at a rapid pace.

    Due to this immense growth and simultaneously the increasing demand and requirements for the IT of organizations, a regulated structure and the assurance of its compliance are continuously gaining in importance for the legal and technical maintenance of IT as the backbone of operations.

    With the “IT-Compliance”-Module, Intelliant supports organizations in taking legal requirements into account in their information technology. In addition to the communication and translation of relevant regulations in the individual environment of the organization, the focus is on the definition and implementation of measures to sustainably integrate compliance with legal requirements into internal processes and to implement technical solutions for the realization.

    Financial Supervisory

    While compliance with regulations and laws affects every organization, certain industries, such as financial and insurance service providers, are particularly governed.

    While these legal standards are well known and the safekeeping and processing of the society’s financial assets is critical, there is often uncertainty as to the form and implementation of these requirements.

    With the “Financial Supervisory”-Module, Intelliant supports organizations in the pragmatic fulfillment of various financial related requirements. Multiple in-depth obligations, especially for the operation of financial services, require a sophisticated management of actions and coordination to consider all relevant aspects of the different sources at the same time.